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BD Ultra-Fine III Pen Needles 4MM 32G

(5 needles in packet)
BD Ultra-Fine III Pen Needles 4MM 32G
Product Details
BD Ultra-Fine III Pen Needles 4MM 32G are sterilized, single-use devices for insulin administration, primarily used to help regulate diabetes. The needles are compatible with leading medication pens and come with pen injectors for ease of use. The BD needles are designed using TBL technology, consisting of thin walls for better drug flow. The tri-bevel tip enables easy penetration into the skin, and the micro-bonded lubrication provides a smooth penetration. It is a 4mm 32G pen needle which uses a no-pinch up technique for injection comfort.

BD Pen Needles are used for injection of insulin in diabetic patients to help regulate diabetes

Products Specifications and Features:
  • 5 sterile single-use 4mm (5 x 32") x 0.23mm (32G) needles
  • Compatible with leading diabetes medication pens in India
  • BD Pen Needles are flat pieces of surgical steel that are rolled into tubes
  • It uses TBL technology for better drug flow, and the needles are shorter, thinner and effective for patients of all sizes
  • Reduces the risk of IM injection and features a no-pinch technique
  • Comes with a tri-bevel tip for easy penetration into the skin with micro-bonded lubrication for smooth penetration
  • Non-toxic and non-pyrogenic (it does not produce hear or cause fever when used)

Compatible With:
Leading medication pens in India

Directions for Use:
Read the instructions manual carefully for directions of use.

Safety Information:
  • Do not reuse
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Avoid any physical damage
  • Store in a clean, dry and infection free location
  • Make sure to wash your hands before using the product

Quick Tips:
  • As per the latest insulin techniques guidelines, the recommended needle length is 4mm for pen needles
  • Ideally, the shortest 4-mm needles and 6-mm syringe needles is the suitable choice for all patient categories
  • Injection sites should be regularly inspected
  • Use a new needle for every injection and the use of same needle repeatedly should be avoided

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