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Dr. Morepen Omega 3 Triple Strength 1250mg Deep Sea Fish Oil With DHA & EPA 900mg Softgel

(60 soft gelatin capsules in bottle)
Dr. Morepen Omega 3 Triple Strength 1250mg Deep Sea Fish Oil With DHA & EPA 900mg Softgel
Product Details
Dr. Morepen Omega 3 Deep Sea Fish Oil Triple Strength Softgel brings you the richness of Omega-3 derived from nature backed by science in the form of OMEGA-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil (Triple Strength). This is made with ultrapure Peruvian anchovy fish from the micro-filtered deep sea. It has been designed to provide a rich dose of 1250mg of Fish Oil, which is three times more effective than regular fish oil. Each soft gel pill provides you with 550 mg EPA & 350 mg DHA. Fatty acids Omega-3 (EPA&DHA) are a key nutrient for controlling and reducing the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. It also improves the wellness of a good brain and joints. It may not be made on its own by our bodies, but it may come through our diets. Researchers say a normal Indian diet lacks the average amount of Omega-3 needed daily, making us more prone to heart and lifestyle diseases. Dr. Morepen’s higher strength Omega-3 Capsules are considerably more effective in keeping triglycerides under check, brain sharp and joints stronger, with 900mg of DHA + EPA per capsule.

Key Ingredients:
Micro Filtered Fish Oil

Key Benefits:
  • Supports heart health: Inflammation in the body may damage your blood vessels and cause heart-related diseases. Omega-3 Fish Oil Triple Strength capsules help to reduce this inflammation throughout the body and also keep triglycerides levels in check
  • Supports brain, eyes and joints health: The brain uses Omega-3 fatty acids to prevent nerve damage, which is essential for learning and improving memory. It also helps prevent age-related vision loss and preserve vision. Omega-3s help reduce inflammation in the joints, reducing swelling and pain, leading to sound joint and bones health
  • GREAT FOR SKIN: Omega-3 helps regulate skin's oil production and improves hydration for smoothening rough and dry skin, making it glow naturally. It also helps in reducing the signs of ageing, subdues breakouts and has a soothing effect on skin irritation
  • High Concentration soft gels: Advanced extraction technology has allowed the extraction of fish oil at a high concentration of EPA and DHA. It is a plenteous source of Omega-3 containing 900mg Omega fatty acids, including 550mg EPA and 350mg DHA
  • Refined Omega-3: The Capsules are made of the highest quality fish oil sourced from cold-water fish (Peruvian Anchovy) and are processed through molecular distillation to eliminate any heavy metal (such as mercury). It contains no cholesterol, preservatives or gluten
  • Better Absorption: It ensures a high-end delivery system through an anti-reflux formula for better absorption of fatty acids and has no fishy aftertaste or burps
Directions For Use:
 1 soft gel per day for men and women above 25 years or as directed by the physician.

Safety Information:
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of reach of the children
  • Store in a cool, dry place

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